Work 4 Program

This program allows our clients to “work for” large household items such as refrigerators, ranges, washers, etc. These items are donated to us then we ensure that they are cleaned and in good repair. Clients typically work 8 to 12 hours per appliance.

This program was initiated to allow our clients to volunteer hours of work at our facility in order to “earn” a large dollar item that they need


  We have appliances that are donated which we ensure are functional and clean and then make available to our clients.  The client typically volunteers 8 – 12 hours at C.A.L.L. to earn each appliance.  

At various times we also have automobiles that are inspected for road worthiness and then made available to our clients.  The number of volunteer hours required to earn a vehicle is 80 hours to be served here at C.A.L.L.’s facility.  These items are not always available to us so we encourage clients that need them to check with us periodically.