Blog Post


C.A.L.L. (Community Action Life Line, Inc.) was established in 1990 in the basement of a local church as a food pantry.  We have relocated over the years and have been able to expand our ministries to better serve the needs of the disadvantaged of our Mercer County community members.  As the year 2020 is upon us, C.A.L.L. Ministries is excited to be celebrating our thirtieth anniversary.  We will have various events and programs throughout this year to boast of our successes and we hope that everyone will react and participate as much as possible.

Thank you to all that have supported our efforts during the past thirty years.  It is only through your devotion that we have been able to continue to act as your avenue to nurture those in our community who struggle to meet their daily challenges.  We speak for the ones that have benefited in earnestly saying “Thank you for your help.”

Keep watching our website and facebook as we roll out the various facets of our celebration